November 15, 2021

Conference Presentation in Natchez, Mississippi

Diane Al Shihabi and Mikesch Muecke presented “Breathing New Life into A Los Angeles Icon” at the Fall 2021 SESAH Conference, held in Natchez, Mississippi on October 1, 2021. The paper explored a first-time collaboration between a fourth-year architectural studio, a graduate-level interior design seminar, and Saving Iconic Architecture (SIA), a preservation organization in Los Angeles, CA.

The collaborators worked as a team to save an iconic mid-century jewel, the Lytton Savings & Loan building, built in 1960 by Hagman & Meyer, and located at 8150 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. The building and associated property were under threat of demolition due to a proposed Frank Gehry project. The paper and presentation were dedicated to Rocky LaFleur, a project collaborator and a member of ISU’s Interior Design Advisory Board, who together with SIA’s representative selected four student teams for display at SIA’s Annual event. Unexpectedly, La Fleur died shortly after the project’s completion.

Below is the first slide of the presentation: