About Us

In collaboration with the Iowa Economic Development Authority, faculty in the College of Design at Iowa State University have developed a new interdisciplinary program in Historic Preservation. 

The origin of the program goes back to 2012 when Diane Al Shihabi (Interior Design), Heidi Hohmann (Landscape Architecture), Mikesch Muecke (Architecture), Carlton Basmajian (Community & Regional Planning), and Arvid Osterberg (Architecture) envisioned an interdisciplinary preservation program that would draw on the strengths of the faculty from the different departments in the College of Design. In 2015 we hired as a replacement for Carlton Basmajian Ted Grevstad-Nordbrock (Community & Regional Planning), and Ted served as the coordinator of the program until the Summer of 2018, when Mikesch Muecke took over as the current coordinator.

The curriculum for the Certificate in Preservation & Cultural History was developed among—and involve coursework within—the following departments at the University:

    Community and Regional Planning
    Interior Design
    Landscape Architecture

If you are interested in finding out more about the program and how you might enroll, or how your group might participate in the program, please contact any of the participating faculty/stake holders listed below:

Diane Al Shihabi (Interior Design)

Ted Grevstad-Nordbrock (Community & Regional Planning)

Heidi Hohmann (Landscape Architecture)

Mikesch Muecke (Architecture)

Arvid Osterberg (Architecture)

Tim Reinders (Iowa Economic Development Authority)

Iowa State University Historic Preservation Program

158 College of Design

Ames, IA 50011