P+CH Undergraduate Minor

Below please find the curriculum choices for earning a Minor in Preservation and Cultural Heritage. If you have any questions, contact the program coordinator at

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Basic Requirements

We have divided the requirements into three sections (see below). To satisfy the Minor requirements, please choose six (6) credits from Section 1 (Preservation Courses), three (3) credits from Section 2 (General History), and six (6) credits from Section 3 (History and Design of the Built Environment).

Section 1: Preservation Courses (6 credits required) 

Choose two (2) courses below: 

ARCH 568 Historic Preservation (3)
ARTID 569D Advanced Studies in Interior Design: Preservation (3)
ARCH 567 Preservation, Restoration, and Rehabilitation (3)
CRP 511 Documenting the Historic Built Environment (3)

Section 2: General History (3 credits required) 

Choose any one (1) course from the list below:

ART H 383: Greek and Roman Art (3)
ART H 384: Art of Islam (3)
ART H 385: Renaissance Art (3)
ART H 386: American Art to 1945 (3)
HIST 307: American Popular Culture (3)
HIST 320: History of Modern Europe (3)
HIST 362: Global Environmental History (3)
HIST 363: U.S. Environmental History (3)
HIST 386: US Women’s History (3)
HIST 468: History of Rural America (3)
HIST 488: American Stuff (3)

Section 3: History, Design, and Planning of the Built Environment (6 credits required) 

Choose two (2) courses or one (1) studio below (one of the two courses can be an independent study course students can take with faculty teaching courses in the Minor in Preservation & Cultural Heritage Program): 

ARCH 221 History of Pre-Modern Architecture (3)
ARCH 322 History and Theory of Modern Architecture (3)
ART H 280 History of Art I (3)
ART H 281 History of Art II (3)
ART H 597: Green Art: Earthworks and Beyond (3)
ARTID 355 History, Theory, and Criticism of Interior Design 1 (3)
ARTID 356 History, Theory, and Criticism of Interior Design II (3)
CRP 421 Financing Historic Preservation and Revitalization Communities (3)
CRP 521 Historic Preservation Planning: Theory and Practice (3)
DSN S 546 Preservation & Cultural Heritage Studio (6)
INDD 380 History and Culture of Objects (3)
LA 371 History of Modern Landscapes (3)
LA 373 Gardens and Landscapes from Antiquity to 1750 (3)